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Sunshine Coast Baseball iSponsor Partnership

Sunshine Coast Baseball Association (SCBA) have partnered with iSponsor as an addition to our general sponsorship platform. This platform earns funds for SCBA from members everyday spending by utilising a safe and secure technology platform that is also used by banks and several other institutions to transfer financial data.

It is a simple idea, instead of asking for upfront sponsorship funds, which a small business may not be able to afford in the current climate, iSponsor uses your everyday spend all year round to earn a commission for the SCBA.

Signing up is simple:

When an iSponsor member makes a purchase online (must be done through the app) or at a sponsor’s place of business and pays using their registered card, we will receive income. This is a great way to support our local retailers and merchants who in turn are supporting the SCBA.

No more messy signing up to loyalty programs, remembering loyalty cards, forgetting to tell the sponsor that you’re from the club, or waiting while staff try to figure out how to record the transaction, it all happens automatically when you pay with your card.

As we continue to populate the ecosystem of members and sponsors you will be able to view our local ‘exclusive’ sponsors on the ‘In-store Offers’ tab, and a huge range of national retailers that have joined the program in the ‘On-line’ tab. You may also receive emails from our sponsors letting you know about their weekly specials, special offers, and other handy bits of information.

This is a great initiative and if we use this platform properly it will revolutionise the way clubs and other groups interact with their sponsors: the SCBA earns funds from everyday transactions and the sponsors benefit from additional sales and recognition.

The more traction we can gain from this program the better placed the SCBA will be to ensure our fees are as low as possible and we can ensure our equipment and facilities are maintained to the highest standard.

Also, if you yourself know a business that might be interested in coming on board as a sponsor, please let us know.

This is a great way to support the SCBA without doing anything more than carrying on your normal day-to-day business. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would any further details or just to discuss how it works. Or email and ask directly.

We are looking forward to everyone getting on board and making iSponsor an integral part of the SCBA’s ongoing sponsorship program.

Bret Buckland

President and Regional Representative

Sunshine Coast Baseball Association Inc

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