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Sunshshine Coast Baseball Association Inc.
Sun Protection Policy

The Sunshine Coast Baseball Association Inc. (SCBA) has a commitment to its members and visitors to provide a safe, supportive and healty environment for our players, officials, volunteers, supporters and spectators. We encourage people of all ages to employ sun safe practices while out enjoying the outdoors.


As a club we:


  • Erect two gazebos every morning on game day for spectators and game officials.

  • Schedule training for late in the afternoon to limit UV exposure.

  • Schedule our youth games early in the morning to limit sun exposure 

  • Have enclosed dugouts that the teams use to stay out of the sun when not on the field.

  • Provide hats with enrolment in the club which are expected for game days.

  • Provide uniform tops that have sleeves for sun protection and are made of a material that helps keep players cool.

  • Encourage the use of sunscreen and reapplication.


Other measures that are taken but not enforced:


  • We encourage wearing long pants.

  • We encourage sunglasses.

  • We have easy access to water with water coolers in each dugout as well as a tap by the restrooms.

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