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What Do I Need to Play Baseball?

To play baseball in the Sunshine Coast Baseball North Shore Leagues all you really need is a desire to learn and most importantly, to have fun!

Practice Perfect Today, Play Like a Champion Tomorrow

Similar to many sports, baseball players get better through consistent training. Sunshine Coast Baseball players attend training on a weekday afternoon from 4pm for our junior players and in the the evenings from 5:30 for our senior players. Although training is not compulsory, you will most certainly struggle to become a better ball player if you only ever show up on game days.

Additional training sessions will also be announced each season for the Sunshine Coast Riptides representative squads. Riptides training is open to any and all players. Riptides squad training is not compulsory, but your chances of being selected for the Riptides final roster is greatly increased through regular squad training session attendance.

We recognise that today's busy lifestyles may mean you can't always make it to training. And that's perfectly OK. Just be sure to let your coach know in advance.

So do you need to train to play baseball with Sunshine Coast Baseball? Strictly speaking, no. But it is highly recommended and encouraged. 

What Equipment Do I Need?

Sunshine Coast Baseball will provide the baseball specific equipment listed below to train and play. We do encourage members to source their own gear. Purchasing your own baseball equipment takes some of the pressure off the association to sink funds into equipment purchases and maintenance which helps to keep our membership fees affordable. It also allows you to practice in your own time. 

  • Baseball Glove

  • Baseball Bat

  • Baseball Helmet

  • Catcher's Protective Gear

Every new member also receives a team playing top and baseball cap.

There are a few items of your own that you will need to make sure you have each week:

  • A good set of runners or baseball cleats. Footy/Soccer boots work well too. (no metal cleats/studs allowed)

  • Baseball Pants

  • Socks (long socks are recommended if you're going to wear shorts and slide into bases)

  • Groin Guard (this is an insurance requirement for male members of all ages)

Baseball Gloves

If you do not have a glove we do have a limited number of spares of varying quality. It is generally accepted that owning your own glove will help you improve as a player and increase your skills.

If you wish to purchase a glove you will need to ascertain a few things...

If you throw right-handed (or write with your right hand) you will need a left-handed glove. Vice versa for left-handers.


A general size for youths gloves range from size 9,5 - 11.75 inches. T-Ball players typically start with 9 inch glove. All North Shore Aussie T-Ball players receive a free glove when they sign up.



For adults, it's suggested that you start with a 12-inch glove and work towards a tailored size later.

We supply all safety batting helmets as well as catchers gear. It is advised that you purchase a mouth guard if you are a beginner as baseball is a contact sport.

If you wish to purchase a bat then feel free to do so although we do have many in our kit bags that are available for use. Please aware that a baseball bat is a dangerous implement and people get injured by them through careless usage. Do not swing a bat near other people as it can cause injury or death. Insurance policy also requires male players of all age to wear a groin guard.

Before buying a bat speak to our coaches about what bat they feel suits the ages group and ability for effective use.

Buying your own gear

Based in Redcliffe, Leading Edge stock many if not all of the needs one would require to play the game well and also in comfort. Be it baseball gloves, cleats (studded shoes), baseball pants, helmets, or bats; the friendly team will be happy to help you or guide you on their online store. Click on the link below to visit the Leading Edge website.


Leading Edge Sports have been the official sponsors of our Leading Edge North Shore Aussie T-Ball since the 2021 Winter seasons and the Sunshine Coast Baseball Association are truly grateful for their ongoing support. Be sure to check our the baseball equipment on their website.


Baseball Equipment & Gear

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