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Baseball Summer Season 2023 - Welcome Aboard!

Greetings to our baseball family and Happy New Year! What a fantastic Spring Season we had! We are excited to start our Summer season and with the start of a new year we found it only fitting to begin with our vision and mission statement:

Vision Statement

To make baseball great on the Sunshine Coast.

Mission Statement

To ensure that SCBA provides a safe, fun and inclusive environment where everyone is able and wants to play baseball in our association.

Runs on the board

We are proud to say that of all the goals we set in March 2022 we achieved the following:

· Maintain and grow from 5 senior teams

· Secure/train more umpires

· Grow junior teams back to 4 teams

· Upgrade fields

Growing Pains

With the massive growth that we experienced it is safe to say at times we were overwhelmed and with the growth came growing pains. One of those was the shortage of volunteers. Without our volunteers the association doesn’t run. So next time you see one, give them a hug! And a helping hand! There are many positions that need filling, most of which are very simple tasks if fulfilled would help lighten the load and make our operations smoother.

Your fees

This year we have plans to apply for large developmental grants to fix the holes in fencing, add additional dead-ball fencing and build a permanent grandstand. Large grants require SCBA to show accumulated savings as a way to determine we are a thriving and profitable entity before grants are awarded. So thank you for playing! Your fees are growing and improving the association and the wonderful sport we facilitate.

Organisational Structure

The future is bright for SCBA and we will get there on the back of a strong and stable governance. SCBA management committee consists of a president, vice president, treasurer, assistant treasurer, secretary and general manger – all of whom have voting ability on the day to day decisions we make. There are various sub-committees that report to the management committee such as the juniors and north shore champions plate committees. All teams have a general manager who reports to the main management committee. This structure will ensure teams are filled according to needs, have gear, uniforms, resources etc. Sponsorship is evenly distributed in a manner that all teams benefit. This governance works. We have no intention to change it.

Future Goals

Other medium-term goals are:

· New teams for seniors and juniors

· New age division 15-17 years

· Second field upgrade at Mudjimba

· Olympic standard baseball diamond at Mudjimba complete with infield cut out, batting cages, bull pens etc

Thank you

We love this baseball community that has grown again on the Sunshine Coast. So we thank you for being part of this journey with us. Let’s play ball!

Kind regards,

Laura Woodrow - President

Dane Gaspar - Vice President

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