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Sunshine Coast Baseball Association

Coach Code of Conduct

  • It is the responsibility of all Coaches to be in control of their players at all times in order to prevent any unsportsmanlike acts towards opponents, officials or spectators.

  • All Coaches are expected to comply wholeheartedly with the intent and spirit of the rules. The deliberate teaching of players to violate the rules is totally inappropriate.

  • All Coaches will teach their players to respect the dignity of the game and the club they represent.

  • All Coaches will confine their discussions with the umpire to interpretation of the rules only.

  • Any negative verbal discussion directed towards umpires on judgment decisions i.e. Balls/strikes/outs/safes and fair/foul by players or coaches will result in an automatic ejection.

  • Whereas friendly banter between players is not discouraged, insults, obscene language, malicious or personal remarks to opponents or spectators will not be tolerated at any time. Rather the players should direct their time and energies towards encouraging teammates to better efforts.

  • Managers will emphasis the fact that their assistants must confine their remarks to their team only.

  • All Coaches will refrain from any personal action that might arouse players or spectators to unsportsmanlike behavior.

  • All Coaches will expect from the umpires a courteous and dignified attitude toward their players.

  • All Coaches must never allow their team to demoralize the opposition with overly aggressive play when in position of extreme superiority. (e.g. No bunting when 10 runs in front)

  • All Coaches will be properly and appropriately attired as designated by the rules of baseball.

  • All Coaches have a responsibility to all players to be organized for both training and games.

  • All Coaches have a responsibility to all players to make sure the teams equipment is of a quality nature and safe of use.

  • All Coaches have a responsibility to all players to teach them to respect the field they play on and to leave it after they finish, in the proper condition.

  • All Coaches have a responsibility to all players to ensure that they know and understand the rules of their particular level of play.

  • All Coaches must have a Baseball coaching accreditation.

  • All Coaches have a responsibility to all players to enhance their own personal knowledge by attending accreditation updates, seminars and all other club, region, state and national clinics whenever possible.

  • All senior level Coaches have the responsibility to assist the less experienced junior coaches whenever possible and to encourage their players to do the same.​

  • All Coaches have the responsibility of realising their status as PERCEIVED by their players and must be overly positive at all times in regards to playing, watching and learning Baseball.

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